Small Town Sound – Whiskey – Single Review

Small Town Sound

Small Town Sound – I like that name. It sounds like the kind of band this small town boy would like. Something that jumps out at me right away when I visit their website is this: “Small Town Sound have been very active this year. Most recently, they have been nominated for four awards by independent radio (Southern Rock Artist of the Year, Southern Rock Song of the Year, Southern Rock Entertainer of the Year, and Modern Country Group of the Year).”

Yeeeeeehaw! That’s a lot of recognition! That probably means they’re doing something right then, so let’s take a closer look at Small Town Sound. Their single “Whiskey” starts off like a sad country tune that isn’t going to go anywhere fast…WRONG!

Small Town Sound

After about a minute intro, the tune kicks it into high gear. Country rock is the best way to describe Small Town Sound. I read through their bio a bit and they’re from a small town in Oklahoma. The chances for a band to find a sound like they have while living in such a small community, is a sign it’s meant to be in my opinion. I know from experience. Growing up in a small town in Indiana that’s smaller than the band’s town, I know it’s hard to find musicians to play with…let alone musicians of the same tastes and skill level.


The band is working hard and recently recorded three songs with Mr. Mike McClure at the Boohatch Studio in Ada, Oklahoma. They will return later this summer to finish their album. I’m normally not a Country guy, but I love Southern Rock. Small Town Sound has truly crafted a one of a kind sound that is definitely worth the listen.

Good ol’ boy Country vocals over mixed acoustic and electric guitars with a driving rock beat. Yes, I’ll take some of that please! You should too! Please take a listen to the song “Whiskey” below, give a share to your network, and SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC!

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