Smart Asses – Review

Smart Asses

My favorite hip-hop artists are those who rap about real things in their life; the experiences and emotions that they go through everyday, no matter where they come from. If you’re a gangsta, then make gangsta rap. If you are not a gangsta, however, don’t try to be one. This is something that the Smart Asses accomplish very well!

They rap about the everyday things in their life, whether it’s a debate over who would win in a game between the Lakers and the Clippers, or how one of them is an introvert while the other is an extrovert. They display some newer school flow, while going back and forth in a Run DMC or Beastie Boys style. The Smart Asses lyrics are full of clever punchlines such as “I hope they never find the real killer of Nicole Brown Simpson” because “they are always getting away with mad shenanigans.” When is the last time you heard the word “shenanigans” in a rap tune?

For example, on the track “Lakers Vs. Clippers”, I thought they were just another couple of white dudes trying to be funny trying to rap. But then I listened closer, and they have some amazing lyrical ability. They also tackle some more serious subject matter like in the very direct “F_ck Racists”, a track anyone with a love for racial unity will truly enjoy.

Smart Asses – Clever Punchlines With Some New School Flow

Some critiques: Their beats sometimes come across as a little generic in some spots.  Some beats sound like they may have been purchases, but that being said, the majority of their beats are still pretty bangin’! If they are programming their own beats, then they deserve mad kudos for tracks like “Skatin’” and “Cashin’ Checks”. Also, the hook on “Tap It” provides some much needed aural variety.

The Smart Asses have included clean versions to a couple songs on their album, which will help them make the case for radio airplay. This, however, doesn’t really need to be a priority for them as they have had some success in this area landing some airtime on KISS FM!

Don’t Worry The Safety Is On is the duo’s debut release and is something the lo-fi and underground heads for sure need to check out! And next time you are trying to hook up with a lady, tell her “I want to be tappin’ that more than I want a track from aftermath.”  How will she be able to say no to that!?

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