Socially Altered – Review

Socially AlteredSocially Altered. It’s the artist you’re going to listen to if you’re not altered socially. Wait, does that make sense? Anyway, Socially Altered is a one-man rock band from Kolkata, India. The sole member of the band is Krishnendu Ghosal. The style of music he creates has influences of alternative rock, psychedelic rock and pop rock, well according to his bio.

Socially Altered

I’ll be honest. I really want to like his music. There are so many great qualities to talk about and yet, at the same time, it seems like this one man band is a bit off kilter. He defines his music as “Psychedelic” and I would have to agree. In fact, “Psychedelic” is sort of an understatement.

Let me first say, I respect what Krishnendu is saying in his music and appreciate his political stances. It’s quite obvious this is his motivation for making his music. However, if you have a weak stomach for very loose musical ideas and implementation, you may want to skip this review. My first thoughts when I listened to the songs is that the ghost of Jim Morrison got a little too drunk and recorded some songs under the name Socially Altered.

You may not realize it but that is kind of a compliment. I really enjoy the sounds that this guy is getting. Also, being that he is from India, he is heavily influenced by Western music. Many of his ideas are really good, however, I’m having a hard time aligning my musical mind with his musical expressions.

For example, in his single “Hacked” the song is actually really good, but at times the drums are so offbeat it seems as if they were recorded for a completely different song. However, every time the drums/groove seem unfixable they somehow come back together on time. This makes me question whether the ill timing was intentional? The other instruments and vocals seem to be timed correctly. I’m perplexed. Guitar tones, sound great. Guitar rhythms? Um…I’m really confused, intrigued and slightly annoyed.

In the song “Limbo” the Indian musical influences come thru especially in the intro. The harmonic minor scale is a beautifully scary sounding beast. But it seems that this song is again out of sync in time and struggling to find it’s groove. The emotions are there. The sounds are there. The politics make sense. The song and music itself seem to be an afterthought. Artistic expression and wild experimentation is in the forefront of the music of Socially Altered, but as a lifelong trained musician myself it’s tough to listen to at times. I’m unable to get around this point.

In closing, I sincerely appreciate the artistic efforts of Krishnendu Ghosal. I even enjoy and appreciate his musical ideas. As per my job as a critic to his music for this review, my main call to him is that he tighten up his drums with the rest of his instruments to be truly effective as a songwriter and producer. I truly enjoy his style of writing and production, but the out of sync drums just kill it for me.

Let Socially Altered know what YOU think of his music. As always thank you for reading and supporting Indie Music!


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