Somatic Moon – Review

Somatic MoonSomatic Moon is a studio band based out of New York City. The group is a trio and the compositions are written and produced by Michael Litvinenko and co-written by Eve Lesov and Ricardo Rodriguez.

Somatic Moon has a vast array of influences. Fans of Portishead, Radiohead and the like will find something to grab onto somewhere in the 6 song project. I think I’m enjoying the Portishead side of the group the best. Of course it may be that I’ve always enjoyed the electronica side of the genre more. No matter the comparisons, Somatic Moon easily separates themselves from the rest with their unique blend of groove, funk, haunting vocals and the addition of strings and horns.

I’ll admit, depending on my mood, it can take some time for me to really dive into a record. MESS is an easy swim. When I’m listening to it I find it easy to listen to the songs as a music lover and not a critic, which I like. I must say, I’ve enjoyed listening to this band’s collection!

Somatic Moon – Mess

Every song on the project is unique and a pleasure to listen to. The title track starts out the project with eerie vocals and guitars and then kicks into a clear production that pushes the listener forward. I could tell right away when listening to the “Mess” I was going to enjoy this review. Near the beginning I was a bit turned off by some clashing of notes between the trumpet and vocal but those are easy fixes. Otherwise, the tune makes me want to check out more!

“Dream” sports a large and lush orchestral intro similar to Hooverphonic or Art Of Noise. The melody reeks Portishead taking advantage of the tritone interval to create some suspense. The vocal chorus is magic for me. I love the loose, almost punk melody. In “Fallen” the influences go crazy! Some rap is integrated with a trippy beat, haunted background vocals, trumpets, and orchestral layers. Just hit play and listen now to get the full effect!

“Shame” takes us directly to another musical planet with a smooth ballad that shows off the well trained vocals of Eve Lesov. The production value of this project keeps getting better with every song and every listen. “Moon” takes a turn for the trippy with the intro. I love the mix of the vocal and the trumpet this time however short it was. Cool stuff! One thing I haven’t mentioned yet about the mix is the drums and bass sound very full and work together perfectly and consistently throughout the project. This is something I enjoy being a drum and bass freak. The sound of the two stay consistent and lay a solid foundation for the entire soundscape to be absorbed in almost every song. This is probably my favorite tune.

Overall this is a solid and enjoyable project by a talented studio band. If I lived in the NYC area I would be waiting to hear them live of course, but not even sure if they gig. However, this group is definitely worth your time and ears. Please, listen and let us know what you think with a tweet or a message! Thank you for reading and as always SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC!!

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