Somatic Moon – Sober – Review

Hailing from New York City, Somatic Moon is an alternative trip-hop trio that uses a mix of vocals, guitar, bass, and electronic drums and synth textures. The band consists of vocalist Eve Lesov, bassist Ricardo Rodriguez, and electronic synthesizer Michael Litvinenko. Having released two full-length albums since its debut in 2016, Somatic Moon is now celebrating the release of its latest single, “Sober,” possibly in promotion of a new forthcoming album.

Somatic Moon – Sober

The track “Sober” begins with a muted hip-hop beat that quickly fades into the foreground like a Linkin Park intro. Eve Lesov begins singing, her voice soft and tender with a sense of strength and clarity to it. In between the first two verses a languid trumpet melody gets introduced that fits surprisingly well into mix, really adding to that trip-hop atmospheric vibe.

Instead of going right into the chorus after verse one, the band creates a nice fake-out where it sounds like the music almost goes into chorus, but then jumps back into the second verse. This time around the foundational hip-hop beat kicks up a notch to build more energy, with added backing vocals in the second verse to echo the point of Lesov’s sentiments.

Once we finally reach the chorus, it’s the climactic arrival point the listener has been eagerly waiting for. The chorus is anthemic and easy to sing along to, offering more stretched out lyrics that give a spacious contrast to the verses.

Going back into verse three the band loses a little bit of energy. Although a small bit of new information is added with a bright “ding-dong” sounding bell above the vocals, it feels as though the vocals could use something different, even just moving the melody up or the rhythm around a bit. One can feel the energy building in the instrumentation but not as much in the vocals.

The second chorus is a double chorus with a more epic electronic breakdown and a guitar solo ringing out in the background. At this point the trumpet is higher up and more punctuated than before, really driving that energy into the turnaround to repeat the chorus. The trumpet momentarily joins in with Lesov’s vocals the second time through the chorus, singing along with her in an anthemic mantra. Suddenly the mix drops back down to the original chill and slightly meditative beat, with Lesov repeating “I’m Sober” in a desperate whisper, a sense of struggle in her voice as the music fades away to nothing.

“Sober” is about the difficulty of choosing your own sobriety while watching someone close to you continuing to suffer with addiction. Although the lyrics are victorious for the sober person, it’s clear they had moved on but are now routing for the other person to recover and save their own life, having had to make that decision to break away in order to get clean.

Somatic Moon writes dark electronic pop mixed with elements of rock and grunge, embodying the vulnerable side of humanity in its lyrics. We want to know what YOU think about Somatic Moon! Get in touch on social media and let us know! Also, make sure to let Somatic Moon know that you heard their music here first on Indie Music Plus! As always, thank you for reading and continuing to support indie music of all genres from all over the globe!

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