Sons of Silver – Featured Artist

Sons of SilverSons of Silver is a band that has quite the resume and they haven’t even REALLY started yet as a unit. A few former members of some of the most noteworthy bands of our time (Pearl Jam, Candlebox, Skillet) are included in the roster. We had the band leader Peter Argyropoulos on our weekly livestream show Indie Music LIVE! episode 201, and he filled us in on what’s going on with the band.

Sons of Silver – Featured Artist

They have a new song out called “World on Fire”. They’ve been together just around a year now. The band started out backing up Peter but then they decided to become a full rock band and not a solo act. They have a distribution deal with Universal and will be releasing their new EP in June…or sometime after Corona virus lets them lol. Fans of Zeppelin, Rolling Stones and Radiohead are gong to love this group. They actually record and engineer all their own music. You may think, so? Well, it’s Peter’s wife that engineers it! Cool, huh?

Peter says in the Deeper w/ Dave segment that even though the band has been together a short while, they are all really close. The band is really good at playing off of each other. Essentially the band got together because Peter was bored playing by himself. After some asking around he came up with this unit. They weren’t called Sons of Silver yet but they were traveling around the USA more as a singer/songwriter. Eventually they started writing as a unit and became a unit. Thus, Sons of Silver were born.

The band is still in a relatively early stage of forming and getting going. They are planning on releasing an EP in the summer and following up with some shows in August. If you’re into rock of any kind I’m sure you’ll find something in Sons of Silver that you can grab on to.

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