Spud Bucket – Featured Artist

Spud BucketI never knew what a Spud bucket was until I met these guys…did you? It’s our featured band, but apparently it’s also a plumbing thinga-ma-jiggy. Either way, if you like class rock vibes then you should check out these guys. Based in Milwaukee, they’re a band made up of a bunch jolly old mates that have been around the musical block in their region and now they’re making music together.

Spud Bucket – Featured Artist

They actually made a video for their song “Fraction of a Reaction” just for our show! I have to say even though they made it quickly, it’s not half bad and gives a great representation of not only their music but their humorous character. Their song “Fraction of a Reaction” sounds like that catchy pop rock that uncle listens to, but with a twist of now. Fans of Tom Petty and The Cars are gonna love this band!

The guys have worked together over the past 25 years, but the band Spud Bucket has only been around since July ’19. If you’re going to google the band, you’re not going to find much. We actually ran across them because they submitted their music via the free submission on our website here. Tom, the lead singer is a maintenance guy. One day had a bucket of “spuds” and thought he would name his next band after it. That’s the long version of the story, HA!

I’m excited that we ran across this band and had a blast joking around with them. I hope they come out with some more music soon and hopefully get a website too. For now, you can find them on Facebook here

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