Stephanie Chou – Featured Artist

Stephanie ChouStephanie Chou is a fascinating artist based in NYC. She is a saxophonist, composer, and singer with music focused on Chinese fusion with jazz, classical, and pop. She started out playing classical saxophone and made her way over into the jazz thing, and now she’s trying to take all of her experiences and influences to create a unique sound.

Stephanie Chou – Featured Artist

Stephanie plays live and she opens up her performances to improvisation and solos, etc. If you watch the Deeper w/ Dave segment below he goes off somewhere about the relation of math and music but he has a point…Stephanie majored in music and math! The connections between math and music are of course undeniable. I encourage you to listen to the interview segment with Stephanie because it is probably one of the most intriguing and intelligent discussions we’ve ever had on Indie Music LIVE!

Stephanie plays a lot of uncommon places you may not expect to see or hear musicians. She plays at a business school doing workshops focused on the intersections of math and music and also how playing in a jazz group is comparable to office and team dynamics. Stephanie’s current project is called “Comfort Girl” which is an exploration of the lives of former Chinese comfort women. It’s not a well-known story, but Stephanie explains how there were hundreds of thousands of Chinese girls abducted by Japanese soldiers. The project follows the life of one particular woman and is jazz for the genre. WOW! She sums it up as a concept album/song cycle.

Stephanie is probably one of the most thoughtful and interesting artists we’ve ever featured on Indie Music plus. We’re excited to see where she goes in her career and can’t wait to have her back on the show. Check her out on the socials!

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