Stephanie Jeannot – Breakthrough – Review

Stephanie Jeannot - BreakthroughStephanie Jeannot’s remixed “Breakthrough” is a groovy single that preaches positivity and optimism. The New York City-based singer/songwriter features Jazz E Matt on this funky little tune that will get your feet movin’ and your soul shinin’.

Stephanie Jeannot – Breakthrough

The song begins instrumentally, with guitars, keyboards, bass, and drums all backing up a lively horn melody. The vocals enter sounding like a full Gospel choir, the lead line cutting through the backing vocals and painting the picture of positivity from the start. The song deals heavily with working towards goals and staying positive on your way to realizing them, all while keeping faith in God that your dreams will come true if you stay focused and work hard. This spiritual slant could potentially turn off some listeners (unless they were expecting it of course), but Jeannot takes care to promote her faith to her audience without proselytizing.

The structure of the song is fairly traditional, beginning with the intro and arriving at the chorus before alternating between 2 more verses and choruses. After the 2nd verse and 3rd chorus, the band breaks into a vocal bridge, bringing the energy level up a few notches. Here the religious lyrics are more noticeable, and Jeannot does run the slight risk of alienating non-religious listeners. Ultimately, each listener will have to decide for themselves if they can relate to the message without having to identify specifically with each part of the message. For most people, it should not be too difficult to understand the lyrics in a metaphorical sense; “God” does not have to be a religious deity but can be simply a placeholder for whatever truly inspires us, and in this way, we can all relate to the song’s message.

After the vocal bridge comes a rippin’ trumpet solo, courtesy of trumpet player Charles Bartlett. Bartlett’ phrasing and rhythm are a great addition to the song, helping provide variety. Musically the vibe dies down slightly during the solo, a great decision that allows the musicians to come back into the final chorus roaring, the band sounding huge and the vocals so high they might be in the stratosphere. The song’s climax leaves the listener feeling ready to take on any challenges and face their goals with all the determination in the world.

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