Stephanie Jeannot – Review

Stephanie JeannotStephanie Jeannot, aka Jnote. It’s a name you shall not forget. Before we get started let me just say this girl has talent. I’ll be taking a listen at the title track off the new full length album entitled We Are People United. The tune is actually called “People United” but it’s as close to a title track as it can be!

Stephanie Jeannot – People United

Stephanie is an accomplished woman having achieved a BA in English/Professional writing from Medgar Evers College and graduated Magna Cum Laude. Not only is she super smart, but she has also established herself as a producer and host of the radio show Jazz on the JNote, a jazz-based talk and music show. I’m a fan and now, to the music…

Upon my initial listen I was severely impressed with Jnote’s vocal abilities. She’s obviously a major talent. For lack of better references for those that are deeper into the scene than I, Jill Scott and Erykah Badu come to mind to name a couple. If you’re into the neo-soul side of R&B, then this particular lady should be on the top of your “undiscovered” list to listen to next. The tune is extremely catchy and is just short enough to keep you wanting more. Paul Garrod does an amazing job on the production end, however the overall level of the song seems a little low. I would boost it or take another shot at mastering. I’m not getting the fullness of sound (i.e. tight yet full and boomy kick drum) or the warm sound of the keyboards used that I would expect in this sort of genre. Also, the recording signal overall just seems low.

The tune is really composed and put together well though. I don’t want to nitpick too much on mastering levels. If you turn the volume up you’ll get the desired bass resonance from your speakers. Engineering and production critiques aside, Jnote is a star. She possesses control over her voice that most singers can only dream of. If you check out her website you can find out more about her and check out some live performances and videos. I encourage anyone that is into this genre to look further into Stephanie Jeannot, aka Jnote. It will definitely be worth your time. As always thank you for reading and supporting indie music of all genres!

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