Steve Kaynan – Multiverse Collision – Review

Steve Kaynan - Multiverse Collission

Steve Kaynan came onto my scene just at the right time. Let’s say I’ve been on a hard rock/thrash/metal binge for a few months now. Steve Kaynan is more than hard rock though, he’s a hard rock guitar god. Maybe one of the few left. Before we get started let me say that Steven has already made my job easy. How? By having great music.

First things first, let’s learn a bit about Steve:

Steve first picked up the guitar at age 7. By 7th grade in school, he was playing numerous wedding and partys with his fathers band and also had an original band called “The Sock Monkeys!” At 15, he won first place in the “Extreme Guitar Challenge” at Mars Music in Orlando.

Steve Kaynan

A week after graduating high school, he auditioned and joined the working group “Bong Water Taffy” and was playing at local bars and clubs in Orlando and Cocoa Beach 4 nights a week, sometimes 2 gigs a night. They eventually recorded a full length album at Full Sail University and did interviews and live performances for Real Rock 104.1 FM.

On his 19th birthday, he bought a plane ticket and headed to Los Angeles to join the group “Turbulence” and played regular shows at the world famous Sunset Blvd. clubs, The Whisky A Go-Go and The Roxy. In 2008, he was featured in Guitar Player Magazine, in which the editor praised his original work and guitar playing.

From the very first tune of his new record Multiverse Collision I was hooked. Blazing guitars and a heavy beat to back it up is always a great way to get my attention from the get GO!

“To Infinity And Beyond” starts this fine collection out with an instrumental guitar track. There is a lot going on in this one too! There are tons of guitars flying all over the place on in this one but there is one guitar solo in particular that will really make your hair stand up just before 2:00 into the track.

The musicality of this project is perfect. It’s just musical enough to keep a trained musician interested as well as rock ‘n roll enough to keep the average listener enthralled.

Steve also knows his listeners. What do I mean? Well, after the first song I was thinking to myself, “Boy some of these tunes would be great with vocals.” Lo and behold…”Mirrors” has vocals!!  Not only can Steve Kaynan play guitar…the man can sing as well!! I think his voice adds immensely to the overall sound of the record.

“Isla Nebular” is ready out of the box to be a TV show theme song. I could definitley hear the melody in the choruses on a show. “Multiverse Collision” is the title track and a place where Steven really shines. It flows between different sections of the song like butta, like butta man. Steven has some of the tastiest licks around.

A plus to the production of the record is the fact that it’s meat and potatoes with no frills. That’s not to say the audio is low quality, in fact quite the contrary! All the instruments shine through and can be heard perfectly throughout. Most of the record consists of bass, drums, a rhythm guitar and a solo guitar with Kaynan’s vocals triumphantly over top.

The mix of metal riffs and guitar god solos truly make this the perfect guitar rock album of this year. The thing about Steve’s playing is he’s not overplaying. Yea, he’s playing tons of notes but the way he does it does not interfere with the song itself. He lets it ride and let’s the melody take over when it needs to. You have to let the driver drive know what I mean?

If you like hard guitar rock with a new edge I highly recommend you check out Steve Kaynan’s new release “Multiverse Collission.” It’s now available everywhere! I’m lucky…I got mine already!

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