Stripped – Broken Strings – Review

Stripped - Broken StringsDid you know that the band Stripped has been together for almost 20 years? Or a better question is, have you ever heard of the band Stripped? We hadn’t either until now, as the case is with most of the awesome bands that submit through our website. When I started looking into the band I immediately discovered they have a long history behind them already.¬†Stripped are Daryl Ball, Aaron Blair, Ryan Ball and Alwyn Evans and they’re based in Northern Ireland.

Stripped – Broken Strings

Stripped first showcased their sound on their debut 4 Walls EP released in 1998. The band has been busy since their inception and is currently supporting a new release entitled Welcome To The Carnival, and we’re listening to a new song off the record called “Broken Strings.”

My first impressions of Stripped is they have a cool, crisp and “stripped” down sound. The video for their latest song “Broken Strings” simply shows them playing their instruments in front of a stone structure in the middle of nowhere, it’s very stripped down. Get it? HA! This band gives me a warm fuzzy feeling right from the downbeat. Definitely, an old-school Irish country music feel is present throughout. The song is just like the video, simple with no frills but catchy as all hell.

In “Broken Strings” all the parts fit together perfectly. The mandolin is playing its part in step with the acoustic guitar player who is playing a different part altogether, but they blend to make the song what it is. I particularly enjoy the very catchy bass lines that are tastefully littered throughout the verses and choruses. The song is well written and I couldn’t imagine it being any different than it is now.

In this day and age of music that is over glamorized and popularized due to the image, it’s great to hear a “new” band like Stripped. The great thing I noticed right away about the band by checking out their social media and some live videos is that they really gel together as a unit. No matter the genre, that’s always an amazing thing to observe. Please check out the video above and visit the official website to find out more about the band. If you’re into melodic, folk and poppy Irish music, then Stripped is perfect for you!

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