KnoDat Mixtapes – Looking For The Best Mixtape Music

Best Mixtape Music - KnoDatInspired by our friendship with KnoDat Entertainment, we have begun our search for the Best Mixtape Music on the planet. You can now submit your Mixtapes for FREE through the form below. The first phase of our Mixtape Music venture will involve reviews at our weekly broadcast – Indie Music LIVE.

NOTE: We greatly prefer SoundCloud links when you submit your Mixtape Music for both ease of listening and embedding in the charts. However, we can accept links from all the major platforms that have embed codes.
BIG NEWS: Every time you submit your music to IMP, you will now be rewarded with $INDIE tokens! Similar to frequent flyer miles, you’ll then be able to redeem the tokens in the IMP Store for exclusive offers OR trade them with others on the Bitshares exchange. Claiming your tokens are not mandatory, but it’s a fun and easy way to get involved in the whole blockchain/crypto craze that is fast becoming mainstream.

Here’s a Quick Tutorial to setup your free Bitshares account, and then you’ll simply enter your Bitshares username in the field below when you submit music to IMP!

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