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Sydney BlakeSydney Blake is a red headed ukulele player from Burbank, CA. She identifies herself as a starving artist who “busks” on the streets during lunch hour. What is busking you ask? I asked the same thing! It’s when you put your instrument case in front of you on a busy street and start playing for tips.

Sydney says she can do fairly well on an average day but really only makes enough to fill her belly. She has had some other interesting experiences such as getting her picture drawn by a Disney animator and being recognized in public spaces as “Sydney Blake.” She says that her street exposure carries over and people actually recognize her as an artist and tell her, “I’ve seen you playing on my lunch hour, you’re good!”

Sydney Blake – Quirky-Folky-Poppy-Vintage!

I met Sydney by chance online a few years back and I actually featured her on a website I was running before IMP. Recently my wife was listening to her song “SuperNova” and I asked, “Who is that?” She responded, “Sydney.” I contacted Sydney almost immediately for the feature because she is the personification of the indie artist. She emits superstar qualities and YOU WILL hear from her in the future, I’m sure of it.

I mean, who else plays on the street? Those who have the drive and the passion to do what they love, music. The rest will follow. Sydney had a band awhile back, but she was more a part of the band rather than the reason for the band. I feel like Sydney will be most successful if she stands on her own as Sydney Blake. She already stands out among countless singers and wanna be pop stars. Sydney has what it takes to make it, it really is just a matter of time.

In talking with Sydney on our Facebook Live Broadcast Ep. 41 it seems that she isn’t quitting anytime soon. She’s getting ready to release some new music and we’re excited! You should be too! If you haven’t already, please check out Sydney Blake in the interview above and support her!


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