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Sydney RaneeSydney Ranee’ is a R&B/jazz singer and songwriter from LA, California. Sydney’s song “17” made me jump up and down with excitement the first time I heard it…and that fact that I was naked at the time is beside the point. Sydney’s music is exactly what makes me love loving music. It was sort of surprising to me to find out that she spends months at a time working on a cruise ship! She said it’s tough to promote her music when she’s on the boat but she tries her best.

Sydney Ranee’ – Cruisin’ With The Groove

There is one stipulation to her working on a cruise ship however, her exotic European boyfriend Mateo must be working too. You see, Syndey is dating her songwriting partner and guitarist. He works on the boats with her and they are able to write while they are together. Sydney Ranee’ released her first EP titled Born To Run last June 23rd showcasing her songwriting and R&B roots (yes, a man resembling Bruce Springsteen once threw a tomato at her). She recently released her latest project titled You Could that she produced and wrote herself.

Sydney loves to sing anything from classic jazz standards to Top 40 hits. Her voice is filled with emotion but she isn’t one of those r&b singers that “runs” her voice all over the place. She has a trained and controlled sultry voice that is as unique and powerful as it is beautiful. Sydney makes me excited about music when I hear her tune “17” and others. In her featured artist interview above we played her latest single “Bloom” which shows off her vocal abilities. This girl is diverse, and if you ever have a chance to hear her sing YOU SHOULD! For now, support her online by visiting your favorite place to stream, download, and buy music and add her.

Sydney currently performs at a variety of venues throughout the West coast as well. She just finished a year tour of Southeast Asia, Europe, South America and Australia performing on the Seabourn and Holland America luxury cruise lines. As always thank you for reading and SUPPORTING INDIE MUSIC!

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