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Fake Followers On TwitterThe old strategy to build fake followers on Twitter is pretty much extinct now. The Twitter platform is over 10 years old now, and the average Social Media user has become savvy to fake followers.

Fake Followers On Twitter – Don’t be “that guy”!

The Fiverr gigs are still out there, but they’re just waiting to steal your money. A large influx of fake followers in a short period of time is obvious. We’ve reached a point in Social perception where it actually HURTS your brand/name if your following is clearly fake. When people connect the dots and see that your following is fake, you’re viewed as a buffoon.

The outsourcers that provide fake followers on Twitter are mostly from 3rd World countries. Their cost is super low, and they farm out the service to agencies that recycle the same accounts. A very low percentage of the fake followers actually remain these days, and it’s just a big gamble. The cost is usually low to buy packages of 500, 1000, etc., but again the perception will hurt your name. Navigate through the Indie Music Plus website, and the links below, for more insight…

How To Buy Twitter Followers

How To Buy Instant Twitter Followers

This article is about the question of How To Buy Instant Twitter Followers.┬áThe answer is…you don’t! Plain and simple. If you want to buy cheap Twitter followers, you’re simply throwing your money away.┬áLet me use another example. If you’re buying Twitter followers from outsourcers at Fiverr, you’re literally throwing money into a garbage can. Let […]

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