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Indie Booker is a revolutionary system that allows you to save time researching venues and sending tons of emails. They do all that for you. They’re not a booking agent, and they don’t filter any of the communication between you and your venue of choice. They match you with direct contact to the venues interesting in booking you as an artist. Indie Booker is also NOT another listing site!

Knowing the IB Catalog of venues so well ensure a positive experience at all of your shows. Book with them and book the best venues…and there’s almost NO learning curve to understand the system! The IB system is built on the philosophy that booking does NOT need to be so difficult.

Indie Booker – Real People, Real Bands, Real Venues…

The IB system is backed by real, hard-working people. We’re here to help you book as many shows as possible. Want some advice on booking strategies? Maybe some help tweaking your elevator pitch? We got you covered. The IB Team has been booking their own bands, and hundreds of other bands, for over 10 years now. Take advantage of their experience and knowledge, and read more about their system at their Website…

Christopher Bell

Christopher Bell – Featured Artist

Indie Music Plus actually had Chris’ music on our podcast a few episodes back purely off of a free website submission. I didn’t realize who Chris was until a few weeks later he followed up about his submission with a simple email. I did a little checking around and recognized his cover of “Smokestack Lightning” […]

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