The Ben Cote Band – Get Your Licks In – Review

Ben Cote may only be 23 while looking 16, but there’s no doubt he shreds with some killer bravado. Mixing the heavy influences of 80s rock gods like Eddie Van Halen, Steven Tyler, Clapton, and Slash; He even slips in some Replacements-like sounds.

The Ben Cote Band – Get Your Licks In

Although Ben may be young, it’s obvious he is serious about reviving Rock n Roll. He is working hard and his efforts are being recognized and rewarded. He has been recognized for his professionalism by being awarded the 2017 Berklee College of Music’s Achievement Award, and the 2018 Professional Music Achievement Award. He is endorsed by @xoticusa, @seaglassguitars, and @dimarzioinc. Seaglass Guitars even customized a guitar for him, and they added the vintage coloring per his request!

The Ben Cote band is self-described as “Cutting-edge and guitar driven”. These Boston boys are creating “spirited original music, fueled by explosive guitar work and euphoric choruses”. Ben and his band are on a mission to make Rock n Roll cool again. Not that it ever went away but the music tends to a bit a little softer as we just passed the end of 2018. “Get your Licks in” showcases his outstanding guitar playing style. Cote definitely shines on the title track. The accompanying video is a must see if you want to see Cote and company rip it up. They pay spot-on homage to 80s hair bands while keeping a cool contemporary flair.

The album features hard driving guitar riffs. In “Country girl with a city dream” he revives the girl dreams of yesteryear before everyone was afraid to admit that sex sells. While his voice is his own, there are definite comparisons to Eddie and Steven which is perfectly ok with me.

The song “How’s it Feel” Takes a departure. He lets Alexandra Biancio take lead on the microphone. She comes off with a Wilson sister vibe that lends right into the driving guitar work and sharp percussion work. Their video shows Alexandra handling the lead while Ben he does his thing on his custom-made Sea Glass Guitar.

“How’s it feel to be on the other side?”, “Silent scream and broken dreams brought you here today” are some of the tasty lyrics that make up “Doesn’t Mean a Thing”. His whiplash style of guitar playing shines again on this track. He goes deep into the shred on this one. The hair and sweat fly in this video showing Ben and bandmates in a desolate area with no cell phone service. Stopping off at a creepy guy’s house while Ben plays the piano and the dude walks around with his meat cleaver. Well someone had to do it! He rocks hard with precision picking. Everything about Ben is rock n roll: the hair, the stance, the wristband, the shades, the attitude. The only thing he lacks is the sneer. His smile is too big for that. This just shows how much he loves what he is doing.

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