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The Getbye

With bands like The Getbye making music, the world is likely to be alright. Hailing from Orlando, FL, the dudes in The Getbye are staying busy! I had a chance to sit down with singer/songwriter & founder Koal (Kyle). He filled me in on what the band has accomplished so far, what they are doing now, and where they are going in the future.

Formed by two brothers 5-6 years ago, the band has been through some changes over the years but still emit the same positive vibes as always. Currently a 4-piece, The Getbye is booked for the festival season and is on the up and up in the Florida music scene. The band’s music is self described as “Shmusic.” What is that you ask? You’ll have to listen to find out, but my take on it is that it’s an eclectic mix of hippie grooves w/ acoustic folk rock.

The Getbye – Masters Of Shmusic

Probably the most unique aspect to the band is the variety of instruments that are played…by the drummer! You simply must see it to experience…the “experience”. Davy (drums) is a multi-instrumentalist with drums being first and everything else coming along with it. He can be seen in the back of the stage standing up to play the trombone, trumpet, accordian, you name it…all while still keeping the beat. It’s quite a scene!

If you’re ever in South Florida or just have a chance to see The Getbye don’t miss it! Koal says they are staying busy playing a few nights a week and gearing up for the festival season of 2016. The band is also starting to work on a full length album. No word on a release date, but Koal says traditionally they’ve done 4-5 song EP’s in the past but they are looking to expand their horizons in the future and put out full length albums.

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