The Hook: Part Three – A Perfect Song

A Perfect SongThere is no such thing as a perfect song. Flaws are a healthy part of life and music. Most artists spend way too much time perfecting an idea which is completely counterproductive. A true artist lives and dies by his or her art but “notable” artists will focus on sharing their art with the world. Don’t aim for perfection, instead try to focus more on finishing what you start. It has to become second nature for you to learn how and when to hold back during the creative process so you can continue to grow and move forward.

A Perfect Song Doesn’t Exist

People learn information through practice, which means it might take a long time to incorporate something new in your daily routine. Eventually, you will realize that finishing a task is more important than being picky about every detail. Even major companies like Google and Apple release their products in beta mode with bugs and glitches that will get improved with later updates. Meanwhile, customers line up for hours and gladly pay thousands of dollars for these products. That’s because if the companies were to wait until everything is absolutely perfect, it might already be too late or that day might never arrive.

Quality vs. Quantity – The Other Side Of The Coin

Some people take the internet for granted because technology is accessible. They assume it’s a good idea to release whatever they create. That is true if you have a known product or something in high demand. However, this wouldn’t work if you are a new artist and have no understanding of quality control. Let’s face it, we all want great products with the best quality, especially if we have to pay for them. It’s no different when it comes to music. The quality of sound, image and story go hand in hand for users to decide if they should like it or not.

Once you have a song that can potentially compete with the industry standards, then it’s ready to be released. ​The last thing you want is to put out low quality content and get people to remember you by that. The lesson here is, don’t try and overly protect or carelessly release your content. Everything takes balance (read my previous article that talks about finding a happy medium here). You get one shot so make it count, because your reputation depends on it.

Paying attention to quality comes with experience, and that’s why it’s highly recommended to reach out to other professionals for their advice. Another quote to live by is “If you ask for money, you get advice. But if you ask for advice, you get money.” This is the right approach to networking and building your career for the long run. Executives and professionals are typically busy but if you ask nicely and listen, they might give you a few minutes of their time to share some feedback. That’s your first step to getting in the industry. Remember to follow up with people in order to stay in contact.


• Do not strive for a perfect song.
• “Quality” counts more than quantity
• Look for “advice” not money

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