The Hook: Part Two – Relatable Stories

Relatable StoriesIt doesn’t matter who you are as long as your story is relatable. This is one of those things that most artists underestimate. They assume they create relatable stories only to find out later, many people are not interested in it. People are drawn to unusual characters, but at the end of the day we have to be able to relate to them. If your story isn’t connecting with others or you don’t have one yet, it’s going to be very difficult to convince fans to buy into it.

Here is how you can go about it: First give people something to understand, then make it more interesting or weird and always end with big feeling. This includes your actual biography so you can add more value by building a great story line for your persona. Take your real life experiences or an aspect of who you are that makes you unique, and exaggerate it with your “cause” (see my previous blog post). Add some flavor and taste and this would be a good start.

Creating a great story is like putting together an amazing dish. You need all the right ingredients and they better be fresh. Then you can be creative with how you prepare the dish, but make sure to not be too extreme with any one flavor. For example if the food turns out too salty or spicy, not everyone will like it. A happy medium is the way to go, but don’t be too boring either. If we were to imagine a line between weird on the left side and saturated on the right, in the center of the line would be the balance between the two. Just a little left is where the majority of listeners usually like to be and it’s referred to in the industry as “left of center”. Most popular songs that are continually released and accepted widely by fans happen to be slightly left of center. Lastly a great dish comes with great presentation, so always remember to entertain at your best. This is what you signed up for, so you want to be the best you can be for your fans. Leave them with the most amazing experience they will never forget.

Relatable Stories

Since the beginning of time, stories served humans as a tool for communicating ideas, lessons and experiences. Our parents and grandparents shared their stories with us. Every religion on the planet and even books of history and science are all based on some sort of story. There is something about stories that we all deeply connect with. It’s because in today’s world we value them so much that we’re all running around trying to create our own. Not only that, we want our story to be the one to win everyone’s attention. However we don’t realize “stories are the biggest drugs on the planet”. We all have a certain type of story that we’re addicted to. This is a fact because we consume the type of content that resonates with the sort of stories we like. Understanding this phenomena will help build better Relatable Stories for your fans to connect with. Tip: Behind the scenes you should try and be conscious of your creation at all times and allow your own story to unfold instead of controlling it to be the way you envision it. This will open up your path to many possibilities outside of your personal plans, and will enable you to actually experience life in the most exciting way possible.

All-Star Team

Every champion has a great team. Start associating your work with those who care to add value to it. Surround yourself with people who can offer something different than the skills you already have, and trust them with their work. Aim to find the best and build an all-star team of people who love what they do. Of course this sounds really easy. But finding great talent is difficult and managing people to work well together is even harder, especially when there is no capital. This is another reason as to why your cause would help in the long run.

It takes skills to be a leader and keep a team together. Managing people isn’t easy and takes a lot of energy, but if you want your career to be sustainable, you have to figure out ways to work well with other people until you have all the right pieces together. And remember, just because it was your idea to build the team doesn’t mean you tell everyone what to do. Being a great boss or visionary means you understand and allow for everyone’s point of view. Then you process that and motivate them when they need it most. Try and encourage communication among your team members at all times. Organize regular meetings and keep up with all tasks.


• Create relatable stories
• Keep it “Left of Center”
• Find people who are different than you
• Be the founder of your team, not the owner.

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