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The Mayan FactorThe Mayan Factor is a band that has an uncommon story. We talked to lead singer Lenny who actually just recently came into the band, relatively speaking. They’ve been promoting their new single “Hope” and we liked it so we decided to feature them! Once you hear their music you’ll understand and will be coming back for more just like fans have for years!

The Mayan Factor

Ok, so before you even know any of the backstory of the band, if you check out the video to “Hope” you will be mesmerized by a great story and amazing graphics set to a truly unique song. However, the uncommon part of the story of the band is how their main vocalist Ray Schuler passed away in 2011. Lenny says for him it’s been a very powerful integration stepping in as the current frontman, filled with catharsis and his own personal growth. Lenny never even had the chance to meet Ray before he passed, but he feels a very deep connection to Ray through signing his lyrics and playing his melodies.

After the passing of Ray, the internet would simply not let the band go away. Thru common connections the band hooked up with Lenny and they started writing new music…and here they are. Hope. Lenny says that even though he never met Ray he feels like he knows him because he is still at every practice and every show in spirit. After having to regroup after such a tragic loss, the band feels like they are in a good spot now. They are playing around a few times a month and trying to get new music out from East coast to West coast. Apparently, they have a huge fanbase in Mexico City!

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