The Mood Kings – Texarkana – Review

Mood KingsThe Mood Kings are a band that needs to come out with more music. I can’t believe it’s been almost 18 months since we’ve reviewed them on the IMP website! We have played them on Indie Music LIVE too and almost had them as a featured artist once. The band is good. I mean really good. Their new single “Texarkana” takes the musical cake too. “Loretta” (their last single) is great too, but “Texarkana” is a much more exciting new song to me that deserves a listen.

The Mood Kings – Texarkana

Texarkana is a city in Bowie County, Texas, located in the Ark-La-Tex region. It’s a twin city with neighboring Texarkana, Arkansas. Now, this track isn’t a get-up and dance song but rather a sit back, relax and look deep inward. This is a song of hope starting the lyric video out with the quote “Some beautiful paths can’t get discovered without getting lost”…

The band is venturing into some country landscapes as well. I used to think of The Mood Kings as a rock band, but now I’m not so sure. Their influences seem to be much more than rock from their previous efforts. But hey, we’ll need to hear more tunes from them to truly figure out their “genre” right?!?! Hint Hint!

I’ve mentioned this in past reviews about The Mood Kings, but these boys got some tone! I’m not a guitar player, I’m not a drummer or even a bass player, but I know amazing “tone” when I hear it. What is tone you ask? Well, if you’re not a musician the “tone” is the quality of the sound of one’s instrument. This is something that each one of the band members seems to have mastered. Many bad sounds can be fixed in the mix, but it also takes a great band to get across those sounds and tones even without the help of a talented engineer, although it helps. My point: I bet this band would sound just as good live as they do on recordings.

If you can dig on a few songs for a while, this is a great band to put on your playlists. My gripe is that it’s hard to get the real identity of a band with so few songs. Unfortunately 1 song a year isn’t going to push them into the limelight, but I’m not trying to get on their back too much. Art is Art, even in small doses. Maybe that’s what they’re going for! Thanks for reading and as always, SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC!

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