The Mood Kings – Review

The Mood KingsThe Mood Kings music (song) is great. Let me first say, I wish there were more! So here’s the deal. The band have been friends for over 30 years. Their bio states:

“The inside jokes, comedic rhythm, and musical chemistry have been honed over a 30 year friendship. The three met in their early teens and formed their first band together. Years later, with marriages, births, deaths, addictions, recovery, and a variety of life experiences behind them, The Mood Kings are blending an Americana roots rock sound with strong melodic sensibilities to create a collection of songs that tells the stories of lifetimes lived with purpose and vigor.”

Ok, well first glance at their website looks like they’re not doing much. Hopefully they’re just in a transitional or building stage. The band only has one song but it sounds like they have plenty to build on. One of the first comparisons I can make is obviously Tom Petty. I love Tom Petty and the type of music he makes. I wouldn’t go as far as saying that The Mood Kings sound exactly like him or anything like that. I can merely hear the similarity in some of the guitar sounds. Overall, The Mood Kings sound a bit more on the edgy rock side than where Mr. Petty sits.

The production on the song “Loretta” is very good and it sounds like the band knows exactly what they’re doing. At 5:18 the song runs a bit long for my tastes but the band does a great job at keeping the listener interested. Intriguing lyrics over clean rock guitars with plenty of melody is my initial description of this mature group of fine musicians.

One of the parts in “Loretta” that really grabs me is the bridge section starting around 2:40.  This section of the tune brings out the type of beattle-esque background vocals and chord changes that grab my attention in a song almost every time.  This is some great songwriting!  Again, I WISH THERE WERE MORE!!!

The guitar solo after the bridge is nice as well.  Once again, these guys do a great job at making a somewhat lengthy song very interesting!  The band pulls out all the stops when they break down the tune right after the bridge before going into once last chorus.  I completely understand a band wanting to leave their fans wanting more but this is ridiculous!! LOL!! I’m kidding of course.

The Mood Kings

So, the positives of this band is that they are amazing songwriters and even though there is only one tune, it seems they are able to translate their musically abilities well onto a recording.  The negatives of this band is there’s not much out there about them…

I would really like to see more of them in the near future.  Please share this post and support Indie Music and the musicians that make it possible.

Check out The Mood Kings and download their song as a reminder that there is hopefully more to come from this rock trio!


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