The Morning Sea – Alexandra – Single Review

The Morning Sea

The Morning Sea has just released a new project Mal De Mer, and if their single “Alexandra” is promoted correctly it could be a big year for this band. The intro to the new single vaguely reminds me of a Foster & The People tune or something you would hear on a modern rock station. Adam Cohen, Tony Long, Matt Nelson, Andrew Nesbitt and Sonny Ratcliff describe themselves as Gotham-Americana…I’m not really sure what that is but I think it’s working for them!

One positive for me right in the first 20 seconds of the tune is how they are able to bring a horn section to life over a new modern rock feel, it truly adds a ton to the song right from the get go. The melodic structure of the instruments, in particular the bass with its intro, are simply magic. I really don’t have any constructive criticisms about this tune, I like it through and through.

The Morning Sea

“Alexandra” never has a dull moment, and is constantly building through the tune as well. By the end it seems like the whole band has completely let loose, something I would love to see live! By the end of the tune it is really rocking with a mix of all the elements that have made up the song and ends strong.

One thing about the band is that I couldn’t find much info on them…their website is basically just a landing page linking to their social profiles but no bio, no pics, just a song to listen to. I would love to have been able to read a bio to find out more about this intriguing modern rock group. Oh well, hopefully that will happen soon! Even tho this review is for their single, I couldn’t help but listen to a few more tunes.

Every tune is just as different from the next. These guys are truly mastering their art and I’m excited to have found them. Please take a closer listen to the melodic structure elements of The Morning Sea, and if you like them please help support them and support indie music!

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