The Noble Kind – Featured Artist

The Noble Kind - Featured ArtistThe Noble Kind is a band that we’ve reviewed a few times in the past here and here. I’ve always been impressed with not only their simple alternative sound but also their approach to their music. At first, I thought the best thing about the band was their songs. They don’t have super slick recordings or even flashy musicianship, but they have really great songs. I think that’s the reason why I decided to feature them. However, I learned something about them in the interview even more impressive than their songs – their motivation for doing music.

The Noble Kind – Featured Artist

They don’t make a dime off their music and it’s on purpose. All proceeds that their music generates they give to charity. How “cool” is that? It’s unheard of. I have huge respect for them because of their mission. Make sure to watch the Indie Music LIVE! episode below where we interviewed them to find out all the details.

David sat down with Shane and Nathan in the last Deeper w/ Dave segment of the decade. He compares Shane’s vocals to a beautiful moan. He loves that singing style and says that the music reminds him of the band Neon Trees to which Shane is familiar. Shane said he started out as a solo folk artist and wasn’t really seeking to be a lead singer of a band. But, here we are and here he is!

Back to their mission statement though – the band says they use the proceeds to support “noble work”. Shane goes further saying that they just like to get behind good causes. One place is Guitars for Glory which is an organization that puts guitars in the hands of people that need them. Now, THIS is something I can get behind. I really like this band and will continue to follow them. I really need to get out to some shows since they are local for me. Maybe I’ll see you out there!

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