The Other Day Band – Review

The Other Day Band

The Other Day Band has something very unique in this day and age of cookie cutter music. The group self describes themselves as an “Eclectic mix of Bossa Nova/Samba/Latin Flavored Vocal Jazz mingled with Americana, Psychedelia and retro flavored alt. pop”…which sounds about right to me!

This eclectic melting pot truly makes for an exciting listen from this group from Alabama. Their new project Night Flowers has just been released and I have had the pleasure of listening to it the past few days. My analysys?!?! Smooth, professional and excellent musicianship is what I say!

Music today is in need of a wake up call. The Other Day Band will educate you on what it means to actually play a real instrument and create real music. Founder Bobby Shiflett started the band when he began looking for ways to explore a jazzier, lighter vein of songwriting. He says, I was looking for something that could both interest my ear and encourage me to raise my game.”

The Other Day Band

This well put together project includes gems like “Body Surfer-Another Cha Cha Cha” which I wouldn’t say is just “another cha cha cha”. I would say it’s must more than that in fact! It’s another GROOVY cha cha cha! This band knows how to make a warm solid sound…both sonically and musically and the EP is extremely well produced with out overdoing anything. The vocals and instruments are mixed very well and mellow jams with plenty of groove permeate throughout. 

Unencumbered” starts out with an organ heavy groove flowing smoothly into the vocals of Jennifer Skates. Jennifer is an accomplished songwriter, lyricist and instrumentalist who also plays flute and trumpet. The more I learn about this band THE MORE I LIKE!!!

The band’s music grabbed me right away when I started the review. I review all genres of music and sometimes it can take a few listens for me to grasp what is truly going on.  Not the case with The Other Day band. I got it instantly. Psychedelic jazz and groove. Right up my alley and a nice break from the metalcore I’ve been overdosing on lately.

One of my favorite albums is Chick Corea’s Light As A Feather in which this album has many similar flavors. “Sway” is probably one of my favorite tracks on the album. The tempo picks up a bit and is very catchy. This project sounds amazing without being over produced. Occasionally, Jennifer’s vocals sound a bit buried under effects but I think that’s what they were going for and I like the psychedelia element it adds to the music.

Mi Flor de la Noche” features the multi instrumental and bi-lingual abilities of Jennifer by including some trumpet breaks and a really cool break down at the end. I must say, this band is impressive!! “Cosmos” is available for free download on their Soundcloud page and features the flute by Jennifer as well. Amazing stuff!! If I were you I would go grab that free download!

I am happy to add the music of The Other Day to our review section on Indie Music Plus. If you like smooth and groovy then this band is one that you definitely must look into. In an age where music has become computerized, boxed and packaged The Other Day is a HUGE breath of fresh air. So, take a deep breath and hit play on the player below if you haven’t already and enjoy some jazz man!!

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