The Rose – Late Night – Review

The Rose - Late NightStephanie “The Rose” is a r&b singer/songwriter from Georgia and she’s released a single called “Late Night”.  This young lady has been releasing music fairly consistently for about a year or two and she’s just beginning her bright career in her 20s! I can’t find much info on her, but it looks like she’s been working hard on her music. I think it’s time now for her to start bulking up her social presence, website, etc.

The Rose – Late Night

“Late Night” is a smooth r&b flavored song . The Rose has a smooth sound and I even actually sort of like the auto-tune on her voice. It might be the first time I’ve liked that vocal effect on an artist. It usually bothers me! However, I think if she let her voice ride without it say, on the verses, it may be more climactic when the auto-tune comes back in.

The production overall on the track sounds professional but I think it needs to be mastered (or re-mastered). The track itself is lacking the punch and the atmosphere that can be fixed with even a light master. It just sounds kind of empty. This is an easy fix! I haven’t heard any other tracks from this young singer except this one. Underneath the auto-tune it seems as though she can really sing. Again, I wish she would let her voice go natural on some other songs.

In my humble opinion the verse and the chorus sound extremely similar, which can be monotonous sometimes. It needs some spice…some climaxes! Songwriting formula: Create tension, then release said tension. I’m not trying to be negative just honest. I hate blowing smoke up people’s arses, ha. And, don’t get me wrong, this girl has some talent!

So, all in all I can honestly say I believe that The Rose has a future in music. If she keeps grinding out songs like she has been, then not only is she going to perfect her craft but there’s more a chance she’ll be heard. I would encourage her to tighten up her social media presence and image and go for it!

I’m curious to know what YOU think about The Rose. Get in touch with me on social media and let me know. Also, make sure to let Stephanie know that you heard her music here first on Indie Music Plus! As always, thank you for reading and continuing to support indie music of all genres!

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