The Sinclair Express – It Never Ends – Review

The Sinclair ExpressChicago-based trio The Sinclair Express has released a new single and supporting video. Titled “It Never Ends”, the single is a groovy romp that shows off the band’s ability to blend blues, funk, rock, and reggae. The video serves as a window into the band’s world and fun personality, mixing candid footage of the band jamming & goofing with clips of live stage performance.

The Sinclair Express – It Never Ends

The tune begins with “shucky” guitar and some spoken word intro from vocalist/guitarist Chris Sinclair, building anticipation. The rest of the band enters as Sinclair begins rapping the first of two verses. Humorously detailing his descent into his current curmudgeonly state, the rapping is reminiscent of 90s artists such as 311, while the music retains more of a blues/funk/rock feel. The video begins by showing the trio jamming on Guitar Hero/rock band instruments at home, interspersed with shots of Sinclair rapping in various Chicago locales. The playful nature of the group comes out as they perform from couches, each displaying their unique personalities. Sinclair bridges the two verses with the repeated “I think I’m alone again / I know how this ends”, then enters the second verse with added gusto.

He continues to play off of the themes of aging that were established in the first verse, calling back to amusing lines about yelling at dirty hippies to get off of one’s lawn. During this time in the video the band’s movements and expressions become more exaggerated, growing visual tension along with audio tension. The second verse eventually gives way to another repeated bridge, where the line “I think I’m alone again” becomes “I think I’m in love again”, an indication of cycle between loneliness and infatuation. This cycle is confirmed in the next section of the song, when Sinclair’s vocals coalesce around the repeated line “No it never ends”, finally bringing the song’s title into relevance.

This gives way to a psychedelic guitar solo that effectively serves as an outro, with the band incorporating a live jam feel that helps the listener feel like they’re at a show. Sinclair’s epic dance moves serve as a visual during this portion of the video, which ends with a musical fade out and him mysteriously entering a hotel room.

All in all, a fun experience from the band.

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