The Sixth Generation – Review

The Sixth GenerationThe Sixth Generation is a band based out of Niles, Michigan. The band has been around for 50 years, but took a very long “break” from 1970-2011. There haven’t necessarily been any world tours but they’re still making music which is more than can be said for most bands that were formed in 1966.

The Sixth Generation is in the Michigan Rock and Roll Legends Hall of Fame. The band had its first “hit” in 1967. “This Is The Time” successfully propelled the young band to the forefront of the local music scene and beyond. The band’s music definitely lives in the good ol’ days. This is something I noticed on first listen. I’m originally from just south of Niles, MI and boy did these guys take me home. In fact, I know someone in the area playing with a band similar to The Sixth Generation.

The guys play a mix of country and classic rock. It seems they fit in and are very popular in their niche as, according to their bio, their music keeps blowing up the charts! Most recently, the band’s song “Livin’ In A Small Town,” released in 2015, was in the Top 5 on Billboard’s Hot Singles chart for 12 weeks, culminating in the #2 position behind the Rolling Stones’ 50 year anniversary re-release of “Satisfaction.” The band’s newest album Feelin’ Good, released in February 2016, spent 5 weeks in the top 10 on Billboard’s Heatseekers chart.

The Sixth Generation – Just A Quick 40 Year “Break”

The Sixth Generation are working hard at rebuilding their brand, this is true. As a reviewer I have to step outside of my own bias to give a fair critique. I’ll admit, The Sixth Generation isn’t something I would normally just pop in and play for myself. Having said that, they do have some music I enjoy and I can totally understand why an older generation would absolutely LOVE them.

Having watched their video for “Touch The Moon” which shows them with a live stage setup…I wouldn’t say their stage presence is the best ever nor would I agree that they are the most virtuous musicians. However, they do write good songs and their harmonies and arrangements are executed well. I could definitely go for some better sounding recordings. I have to give them credit for the professionalism they bring to their game.

Although their videos are on the amateur side I can tell the guys are doing their best. I mean after a 40 year break there is some catching up expected to happen! When I first started listening for the review, I went to a Soundcloud track for “Livin’ In A Small Town” and it sounded like a demo. Fortunately I clicked on the YouTube link and the video’s recording sounded much better. It was a great track and I was initially disappointed in the sound quality.

The band’s songs are put together well. The quality of the recordings could be better but it sounds to me like they’re recording in a home studio. I certainly give credit to the guys for getting back together after all those years. We’re talking a 40 YEAR BREAK here…It has to feel great! Thanks for reading and as always, SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC!!

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