The Soularsapiens – Azimuth – Review

The Soularsapiens

The recently released new album Azimuth by The Soularsapiens is an expansive and transformative journey through time and space. “Ether” features meditative synth loops punctuated by a groovy drum and percussion beat, with ethereal and atmospheric sound waves languidly washing through the air. The music is mostly instrumental, with the synth or horns acting as the lead vocalist. It’s easy to get lost in The Soularsapiens’ trance-like looping, complex drum patterns, and uplifting electronic synth textures.

The Soularsapiens – Azimuth

“The Guide” is more jagged and abrasive than the previous tune, but still enjoyable and interesting to listen to. A boisterous siren of synthesis grounded by an octave-jumping bass line, this song is a deliciously complicated layer cake of sound. A haunting horn pulse jolts into the mix about halfway through, pausing for a moment just prior like a heavy breakdown, and eventually transforming back into the structure of the original synth hook. This song slightly resembles St. Vincent (without the vocals) because of its tasteful mix between rock and electronic.

“The Flight” sounds like smooth, easy gliding with its low bass lines that blend into the deep, intimate groove provided by the drums. The synth shines a ray of light into the mix while jazzy switch-ups in the rhythmic meters and accents always keep something fresh and new for the listener to be swaying softly along to. Picking up pace about two thirds through the piece, The Soularsapiens maintain a balance of happy and melancholy harmonies, evoking the feeling of things being mostly okay except for one thing that’s really off kilter. Keeps things interesting.

A catchy, poppy, R&B soul mix with very 90’s new wave feels, “Free At Last” is one of many tunes on this album that features inventive percussion patterns and crashing cymbals that wash over you. About halfway through, we finally hear the climax of vocals come out in a heavily filtered electronic stutter effect that resembles Daft Punk. The buildup and release of this vocal section is electrifying.

The title track is a meditatively transformative and deeply introspective instrumental. The Soularsapiens are good at coming up with ear worm melodies that are simultaneously mystical and psychedelic, futuristic yet tribal, harmonic and melodic, and danceable yet meditative. With its catchy lead melody and dreamy electronic sub-currents, “Azimuth” deserves to be the title track, and that was a good decision on the band’s part.

“Smoky Goddess” paints the trippy, atmospheric picture of lying naked in a smoky bedroom as a sultry woman edges toward the foot of your bed. The Soularsapiens provide a clear picture of scenarios through the use of harmonies, sound effects, and innovative percussive arrangements. This song ebbs and flows until the waves languidly crash out into an ethereal void.

The use of jazz instruments such as clarinet, brass, and brushes in “One with The Source” creates a refreshing and contrasting counterpoint to the electronic back-beats and synths underneath. Pulsing with swag, a complex mix of hand-clapping and percussion keeps the listener dancing like candlelight in a darkly lit room, its flames burning in the heat of the night, illuminating the silhouettes of sophisticated sinners all around.

“Float On” is the last song on the album and almost sounds like an analog synthesizer the way the sound waves pulse and morph in time. Chill and relaxed, this song is like a cool wind down after a long, devious night of dancing. Infrared sound waves reverberate with a sequined glare that both blinds you and warms your soul like the sun.

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