The Spiritual Leaders – Featured Artist

The Spiritual Leaders - Featured ArtistThis week we travel all the way to Ireland for our featured artist. The Spiritual Leaders have been reviewed on the site before and we loved their music so much we thought it would be proper to have them on for a feature! So, David Reilly stayed up to the very early morning to fill us in on the band, where they’ve been, and where they’re going.

The Spiritual Leaders – Featured Artist

The band has been around since about 2010. They released their debut album in 2012 and then David says they sort of went their separate ways. We caught up with them when their new single was “Underwater With You.” He says that overall this time around the band has worked much better with collaboration. It’s weird and kinda cool how sometimes you can listen to a band’s music and totally be able to get a feel from where they are geographically. That’s how I hear The Spiritual Leaders. They sound like alternative Irish music and it rocks!

Out of all the bands we featured and played on the show in 2020, this band stands out for sure. David Werba calls it a “hauntingly beautiful guitar melody” referencing “Underwater With You.” David Reilly said originally it was just supposed to be that guitar and the vocal but their producer suggested giving it a little more kick. I think it works! Reilly says the listener needs to be invested in the song and listen to the whole way thru to really get it.

Even though the band released their debut album back in 2012 and then they went their separate ways, it wasn’t like the band officially ended. They had to make some life changes due to work and life situations and Reilly says they were probably a bit naive back then. Well it got to the point where the music brought them back together. After trying some demos David says they finally just said let’s book some studio time and make some music. Keep your eyes out for The Spiritual Leaders!

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