The Voices Of Terror – Review

I’ll admit it, I was a bit terrified of this group when I first saw their name…The Voices Of Terror. Then I hit play and I was scared to death! HAHA! From their submission:

“The Voices of Terror are an Alternative Hip-Hop duo from Deptford, New Jersey. The members consist of Mike Walker and Zero. They create, write, produce, and record their own records. The love for music came to them at a young age and remains their passion today. Determination with a strong desire to tell stories through their innovative sound fuel the Voices of Terror into bringing energy, lyrical savvy, along with a complete original take on the Hip-Hop genre.”

The Voices Of TerrorSo let’s take a journey into the minds of Mike and Zero. First impressions?? CREATIVE!!!  The music reminds me a bit of DJ Shadow and stuff he was doing back in the late ’90s. Well orchestrated with rap that’s not your typical present day flow. I must say right off…THIS IS GOOD $%&!!!

“No Beauty In The Beast” slaps you across the face like yo mamma did growin’ up. You see it coming but when it hits you it’s like, “Whaaaa?!?!” The production is completely and totally in a world of it’s own. Autotune is prominent on the vocal but there is something different about this one…the rapper is talented!! In the day and age where auto tune is over used and mostly used to “cover up” or “enhance” the vocal it’s nice to hear someone using it creatively.

The sound on this album is HD…almost cinematic.  The variety of hooks, beats and genres represented in this project show the diversity of the creators.  Also noteworthy is the fact that these guys are speaking about some real issues.  Soul searching, cinematic hip hop is what you’ll hear if you keep listening.

The Voices Of Terror

The band sways back and forth between genres while keeping a clear focus on their own style which makes it timeless. Creativity literally oozes from these guys. The beats and production are some of the most original sounding I’ve hear in quite a while. Overall, the soundscape of the album is very wide and sounds like it wasn’t just put together over night. It really sounds like some thought was put into the making of this album. I respect that!

“The Dead Are Coming Back” provokes apocalyptic nightmares!! This entire album is written from an extremely unique worldview that permeates the tone of the almost every song. The Voices Of Terror are the new age of hip hop. No joke.

Throughout “Once Upon A Nightmare” I feel as though I’m watching a movie more than listening to a current hip hop album. Definitely a stand out in the east coast indie hip hop community The Voices Of Terror are a group to watch and a group to watch closely. Honestly all the tracks on the project are solid. Other noteworthy tracks include “The Dead Are Coming Back,” “Immortal Combat,” and “As The World Burns.”

If you like horror-core hip hop with a unique alternative twist you need to try out The Voices Of Terror. I need a few more listens myself to truly digest this indie masterpiece!! Please, let us know what you think in the comments below and please share!!


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