TJ Leonard – Featured Artist

TJ Leonard - Featured ArtistTJ Leonard is our featured artist this week and let me tell you, he is unique. Until TJ, I’ve never even heard of this combination before: A guy from Sweden singing country music and writing songs about Tennessee. TJ states in Indie Music LIVE! 163 that even though he’s been playing and producing multiple genres of music for years now, his love of country music clicked when he heard the song “Somebody Like You” by Keith Urban with the banjo and the mix of pop, it was “just magical”.

TJ Leonard – Featured Artist

Being tired of the “electronic” style, he instantly connected with the organic sound of Country Music. Dave called him “The Black Sheep” who is playing a weird genre of music in Sweden, but TJĀ  says that Country is starting to be bigger and bigger in Sweden. The problem is that the media doesn’t support the genre. It’s nearly impossible to listen to Country-Western music on the radio so the internet is great to explore the sound.

He said people in general in the region appreciate the sound he is creating and even though it’s not very popular, it’s growing. Now, you know that I’m not a huge listener of Country music however I do sincerely appreciate the genre. I always say that some of the best musicians in the world are country musicians. Like I said before, I think it’s extremely interesting that someone from Sweden would have such a love affair with Tennessee…make sure you listen to TJ’s song “Tennessee Waltz” to see what I mean.

Overall I’m seriously impressed with the music of TJ Leonard. He’s presenting high-quality independent music and that’s all that matters with this site! I’m proud to have such a quality artist on our website!

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