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Trademark band

If you like country you’ll like Trademark. If you love rock, you’ll love the Trademark band. If you’re into country rock from the deep south then you have yourself a new favorite band! You see, Trademark is probably one of the hardest working and longest running indie bands I’ve come across in quite a while. The band has been around for 11 years which is a long run for any band regardless of their status.

The band has recently released a new single “Mississippi Slo Mo” and I had a chance to sit down with founder Charles Derrick and talked about his passion and his baby, Trademark. Charles is definitely the type of guy that has the drive and the stamina to make it big. The band makes a living playing weekends in the southern states, USA. Charles says they have quite the production¬†including an intelligent light show, video screens and of course great music!

The Trademark Band

Where there’s a will there’s a way. Trademark is proving this by making a living and sustaining (and growing) an indie band off of 8 shows a month. Charles even says they have recently invested thousands into hiring a PR guy to get their new single on the radio and in front of thousands of potential new fans. If you want to be successful as an indie musician you must be smart and patient not to mention hard working.

I’m personally not a huge country fan but I love me some kick ass southern rock’n roll, so the Trademark band is a welcomed addition to my collection. I had a blast sitting down and talking with Charles.¬†Regardless what “genre” of indie music you prefer one can learn about how to be a successful indie musician from the example of this unique country rock band from the south.

Catch the video below and get an insight into the band Trademark. They’re not rock, they’re not country…they’re the perfect mix!

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