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Traverse Town musicTraverse Town is a band from the Boston, MA, area that is helping bring back the ’80s lush synth sound like a BOSS! We’ve had this band’s music on our show before and they happen to be a finalist in our Virtual Reality competition.

We had these cousins, DJ (25), Seth (16) & Andrew (22) on our Facebook Live broadcast recently and they were a blast to hang out with. These young musicians seem to have their eye on their goal. When speaking with them they all seemed to have a clear idea of what the vision is for the band.

Traverse Town Music

At age 16, Seth is the mixing engineer of the group, which totally amazes me. He’s also the drummer. Kids his age aren’t supposed to be that good, but it’s true. The other guys aren’t slacks either. Andrew (bass) balances out the super-tight rhythm section with Seth, which David Werba highlights in the interview as a big step up from an already tight sound on their last album. They blend in and showcase at the same time. In fact, this group is about as well rounded as they come for their genre.
David also noticed that the Traverse Town boys had a reminiscent sound of the band Jars Of Clay to which the guys agreed with. David felt it was mainly due to the positive vibe and singing style of DJ. Although it’s not something they’re focused on they agree their music may have some spiritual roots, and JOC are definitely a huge influence. Watch the video below for the full interview!

If you’re into ’80s flavored catchy Pop/Rock then definitely check out Traverse Town. These guys are hungry, talented and will definitely be a force to be reckoned with in the near future. Please watch, enjoy AND SHARE the Facebook Live Broadcast above and SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC!

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