Tyler Colt – Featured Artist

Tyler Colt

Tyler Colt is a guitarist/singer/songwriter from southern California. A multi-talented 17 year old, Tyler has everything going for him as not only a “kid” but an artist. When speaking with Tyler, the first thing I noticed is he seems about twice his age both mentally and musically.

Different artists have different goals for their art. Some do it for money, others for fame, while that special few do it because it’s just who they are. This is Tyler. Music is his life and that is something that will probably never change. In short, this young man is destined to do great things.

Tyler Colt

Tyler started playing guitar at a very early age and has mostly rock influences. This definitely shows in his music! The practice, dedication and discipline it takes to learn an instrument such as guitar is tough for an adult to manage let alone a teenager. However, Tyler has some major skill and can play the guitar really well!

I was really impressed with Tyler Colt in his featured artist interview. We had some technical difficulties on the platform we were using so we had to redo it a few days later and Tyler was very gracious in coming back a 2nd time to basically repeat himself haha. All in all tho we were able to put together a decent representation of Tyler and his music.

This kid has a good head on his shoulders. I am confident that if Tyler keeps his head on straight and keeps working hard towards his dream he will get there. For now it’s high school, girls and recording music. Please keep your eyes peeled for this young up and coming star and remember where you saw him first! HERE on Indie Music Plus. Thank you for reading and as always SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC!!

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