Universal Dice – Birth, Love, Hate, Death

Universal DiceUniversal Dice is a band that has just released a new rock opera called Birth, Love, Hate, Death. The songs, written and produced by Gerry Dantone, are no doubt some of the best indie classic rock music I have heard to this day. The sound is well, classic. The band’s sound is full, the musicians are amazing and the songs are no doubt radio quality. The band initially reminded me of classic bands such as Kansas, Tom Petty and Yes.

Universal Dice – Birth, Love, Hate, Death

The band’s studio production talents are comparable to the top stars of today. Gerry Dantone’s voice is almost perfect in every song. Although the band members seem to fluctuate here and there, Gerry is the main writing force along with his songwriting partner Sam Cimino. 

The band’s website states that their new album is…” a true labor of love – a rock opera/love story that is not idealized or glamorized but is instead full of self-doubt, mistakes, missed opportunities, regret, and sacrifice.” Not many acts these days are doing rock operas. I am interested!

The album is packed full with 11 tunes. I’ve listened to the entire album a few times now and I have yet to find a song I can’t get into. As you know, I don’t hold back on constructive criticism. I could be super picky and find something to write about with this band, but truly all I can really say is that I love it.

I listen to tons of music. Universal Dice stands at the top of my critical rotation. The song “Welcome To The World” just screams summertime hit. The main hook that bears the title is so catchy I find myself singing along with the music. This song would fit in perfectly with a Top 40 Classic mixtape. You know, spice some old favorites up a bit with some new sounds!

“I Wish I Could Tell You This” takes on more of a Pink Floyd shade. Bands that can show dynamics are able to play so many more songs authentically. “Your Son” is another prime example of amazing songwriting that ventures over to more of a Soundgarden/Beatlesque sound. This band is so versatile! I particularly enjoy the part in the song where he sings “Yoooouuuur Son” – it’s very moving.

After looking into the band a little more I realized that they have so much more music available dating back to 1998! That’s great to hear, literally! As I stated earlier, they describe this latest project as a rock opera. I was a little leery at first thinking that a rock opera could involve 20-minute songs with high screeching vocals and ’80s guitar solos. Not so with Universal Dice. As I progressed thru the tracks on the album, the sounds just become more defined.

“Take Me Home” is also at the top of my like list. The band does a great job at building the song from the very beginning. I haven’t mentioned the keyboards yet and that’s my mistake. The keys come thru tastefully every time they are used. “Danielle” is a perfect example. Piano drives the first sections of the song. The piano simply adds so much to the tune and the chord voicings do so without intruding. Again, I am very impressed with the production quality of this album.

I could go on and on but I suggest you check out the music of Universal Dice yourself. I encourage you to get in touch with them via social media and tell them you heard them here first! As always thank you for reading and continued support of indie music!

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