Vizualye – Heros feat. BetaPSI – Review

Vizualye - HerosI have heard a lot of rapper names in my life and I think I finally found one I’ve never heard before. Vizualye, the man who calls himself a “hip-hop cultural artist,” has a flow that is as unique as his name. In his latest release called “Hero,” he demonstrates his original style with loads of gusto. Each line he delivers seems to be spit with purpose, increasing energy with each word until he arrives at his conclusion with a scream or a yell. It’s really interesting and you can’t help but pay attention when he starts rapping.

Vizualye – Heros feat. BetaPSI

His collaborator on this song, BetaPSI, adds a really nice secondary texture to the song providing some ambient vocals behind Vizualye’s flow. But then she also gets to stand on her own two vocal chords on the bridge where she takes center stage. And although I can’t quite make out every word she is singing, it doesn’t seem to matter. The beautiful, haunting melody she sings seems to tell me everything I need to know.

In Vizualye’s own words, this song “…embodies certain elements in people we look up to or things and moments that make us proud to have experienced or be a part of. The song brings in the realization of all the inspirational people that have touched our lives in some way.” I don’t know that there is a much better fitting tribute to these people in our lives then to write a song about them. And that’s another reason it is so easy to get caught up in the energy of this song. The message is pure, true and something we can all get behind. We all have heroes in our lives and if we don’t, this song will tell you how to find one

“Hero” has a really nice throwback production style. At its core, is the sampled drum loop very consistent with hip-hop production of the 90’s. But then on top of the drum loop is a sonic blend of keyboards, guitars and vocals. It creates a swarming effect that surrounds your eardrums and makes you listen with intention. You can tell Vizualye has great passion for what he does. It comes out in his lyrics, his delivery and his production. I suggest you put on some headphones, hit play and let this song remind you of what it truly means to be a hero. The world could use a few more right now.

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