Vizualye – Hunger Games

Vizualye - Hunger GamesVizualye is an artist that we have been getting to know recently. He is seriously a man on a mission with social media and it’s starting to pay dividends. He brings positivity and humility to the scene, and here are my humble thoughts on his latest track.

Vizualye – Hunger Games

First impressions: I like the smooth beat. It’s easy to listen to, and grooving to it isn’t hard either. I’m assuming the first verse is “J Schick.” He sounds good, professional. I have a slight issue with the volume of his vocals though, it’s a bit loud for my ears. The beat gets a little buried once he comes in, but everything else sounds great. It’s catchy, hypnotic and definitely hits the production standard of today. It’s surreal, as if you’re approaching a horizon in a spaceship, and not your typical hip hop beat.

After J Schick, Vizualye takes over the rest of the track with a high intensity hype-style rap. I was expecting J Schick to come back in at some point in the tune, but he seems to disappear after the first verse. It also doesn’t seem like there is a definable verse or chorus, which is fine, but the tune feels like it drags a bit in some places. Vizualye’s vocal style and flow are a bit rough around the edges which gives it a cool old school vibe. Having said that I also think some things could be tweaked for the better. For example, I like how he stacks his vocals, but there is an issue with sibilance in some spots. Meaning, there are quite a few “s” sounds that don’t match together. I would recommend just taking a little more time while tracking stacks to make sure they match and don’t contradict other stacks.

Overall this tune is exactly what I’d expect from Vizualye, a positive and catchy groove that certainly won’t disappoint current fans. I believe his best is yet to come and I hope that you will encourage him and follow him along in his journey. Building his fan base and perfecting his craft is the next step here. He is highly active on Twitter in particular so hit him up with a tweet and let him know what you think about his new track “Hunger Games.” We just told you what we thought. Now tell us what YOU THINK! Tweet us @IndieMusicPlus and send the good word.

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