Vizualye – Unbelievable – Review

Vizualye - UnbelievableUpon first listen, “Unbelieveable” by Vizualye gives off a very weird yet hypnotic vibe, similar to that of popular recording artist The Weeknd. The first 42 seconds of the song has the listener admiring producer Tone Jonez’ ability to fuse Techno, Hip-Hop and R&B into one potentially incredible “Club Banger”. And as if that wasn’t enough to pull you in, singer Warren Young comes in with a very smooth, melodic and repetitive chorus that only helps to enforce the previously mentioned vibe provided by the production.

Vizualye – Unbelievable

Vizualye comes on the track with a strong first verse that appears to be about his whirlwind love affair with either a mystery woman or music itself (either way, the passion is clear). Being a fan of emcees that still value the art-form that is Hip-Hop makes it rather easy to become a fan of Vizualye, who definitely takes pride in his ability to rhyme and ride the beat.

In his second verse it becomes a little clearer to the audience that there is indeed a mystery woman, but Music still remains the focal point of this love story. It’s been said that good music makes you dance, but great music makes you feel. And in my opinion Vizualye has found a healthy balance between the two. As far as constructive criticism goes the mixing could have been a bit better. For instance, the vocals on the verses were too low, causing the words to appear muffled in areas where the bass is most active. So, I’d definitely turn those vocals up. Other than that the song is “A1”, and I look forward to more music from this promising artist.

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