Wade Long – Hide ‘n Seek – Review

Wade LongCleveland is a busy little town. Joe Walsh, John Popper, and James Ingram are just a few of the musical folks that have roots in the Forest City. Maybe that’s why they decided to build the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame there. It looks like Cleveland has done it again – this time with a former church musician turned producer turned R&B artist who goes by the name of Wade Long.

Wade Long – Hide ‘n Seek

Wade’s sound is drenched in classic R&B tradition. His latest single, “Hide N Seek” is part of a series of 4 singles he will be releasing in 2020. This is a playful tune all about the chase involved in any new relationship. As Wade sings “Come out, come out, baby there you are” you can just picture him chasing the women of his dreams through the proverbial maze of love while seducing her with his smooth vocal cries. And the vocals here are indeed smooth. You can tell Mr. Long is a big fan of Luther Vandross. He has the R&B godfather’s vocal delivery and smooth vibrato down to a “T.” So much in fact that if you close your eyes, you could convince yourself that it’s Luther himself singing this song to you. That speaks a lot to Wade’s commitment to his craft as I think few would argue that Luther is one of the greatest R&B vocalists of all time.

Sticking with the Luther tradition, Wade’s production style is very reminiscent of the 80’s R&B movement. Even though he uses a lot of analog sounds you would hear on the radio in 1985, the track still comes across as relevant to today. He is able to marry the old values with the new production style to create a smooth R&B gem.

From a technical standpoint, the track is slightly over-compressed, which is common for independent artists trying to get their mixes up to radio volume levels. It is a tough nut to crack sometimes. But even with the slight issue of over-compression, it does not detract from the song at all. The production is very well done. Starting with a very minimal synth line, the track slowly builds in vocal presence as well as instrumental backing, climaxing in a very simple but very catchy chorus hook. This is the type of song you would be blaring out of your car with your windows rolled down as you cruise the strip looking to holler at any lady who will listen.

Consider this the soundtrack to your next chase of love. With Wade’s smooth sounds in the background, there is no way any lady could turn you down! And if she does, at least you have a great song to keep you company as you cruise off into the sunset.

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