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We The FierceWe The Fierce is a two-piece rock band that is going to blow your socks off. When I first heard these guys I thought, “Wow, how do they emulate such a thick wall of sound with only 2 people?” Well according to singer/guitarist Jay Langston, it was a fairly natural decision to go the duo route. Both Jay and drummer Dixie Duncan have been around the block in the touring/recording world. They feel it’s just easier at this point in their career with two people. Less drama, more money!

We The Fierce

You see, these guys have been in bands their entire lives and have toured together for years on different projects. Like David states in the interview, you have to be stellar musicians to pull off the rare two-piece sound. That’s clearly what Jay and Dixie are, and exactly what they’re doing. There’s less drama with less band mates and it’s easier to make a buck because it’s not split between 4 – 5 other people. Jay is not ashamed to make this point, and he’s right!

However you look at it, We The Fierce is making a name for themselves in the indie rock world and carving out a unique niche. Their music sounds like thick meaty rock. Think White Stripes meets The Presidents of The United States of America. I’m sure there could be other comparisons but these are the two that jump out to me. There is something about the huge yet raw guitar sounds mixed with the simplistic groove of the drums. THIS is Indie Rock at its best…

Get to know Jay Langston, the founder of the band, by watching the video above. Every week on Tuesday nights we interview our featured artist of the week on our show Indie Music LIVE!. Jay who is based in Chicago was fun to talk to. He even showed us a little bit of his gear when asked about how he creates such a massive guitar sound. I love his dual-amp concept where he splits his guitar sound into bass on one of his amps by using his pedals to lower an octave. If you’re into raw indie rock with groovy undertones, then you may want to check out the band We The Fierce.

So, that’s just one more amazing featured artist! Remember, we love promoting indie music and will continue to do so for as long as possible. Thank you reading and SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC!!

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