Web Sheldon – IG ID – Review

Web SheldonSince debuting his solo single “Ranch House on A Hill” in January 2016, Web Sheldon has completed two EPs as well as his most recent album Fingerprints released in 2017 via Particle Zoo Recordings. “IG-ID” is the first single off of Fingerprints, an album that addresses themes of individual expression and societal breakdown. A London-based singer, songwriter, and producer, Web Sheldon uses high quality electronic production to create an evocative, urban alt-pop sensation.

Web Sheldon – IG ID

“IG-ID” starts off with a syncopated electronic drum sequence that gets the listener moving right from the start. There is an overall modern and futuristic color to Sheldon’s sound, especially on this track. His voice is doubled with harmonies that fade into the beginning of the track, sung in a sensual whisper that invites a hip-hop dance club vibe to the mix. The vocals in the verse are written in harmonic minor, sonically indicating that this song is about something troublesome and wrong.

Web Sheldon uses catchy synth and vocal melodies in the chorus, with lyrics like, “Losing fingerprints, erased, redefined… Justify your spin on your sound life,” that imply how technology and social media are actually creating social decay. The point is driven home even further at the end of the chorus when the lyrics continue to repeat, “Losing fingers, losing fingers,” to describe how people are losing their sense of personal identity the more they use technology and social media.

The mix is clear but seems slightly overproduced at times. Energy is lost between the first chorus and second verse. Adding a special one-time moment to surprise the listener would resolve this situation, although the underlying beat and synth parts do justice of building the song back up. While “IG-ID” ends abruptly, the listener gets a sense of closure from the book-ended “Losing Fingers” vocals of the intro and choruses. There’s an attention-grabbing effect when the drum sequence cuts out at the end, leaving just the vocals. Each chorus sets up the hook with, “Just play on the ivy,” which defiantly resolves that if people are going to use technology, it’s healthier to produce things like music instead of becoming uselessly addicted to your phone.

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