Whitney Ann Jenkins And Her Platonic Guy Friends

Whitney Ann JenkinsFemale acoustic singer/songwriters beware, there’s a new kid on the block. Welcome Whitney Ann Jenkins to the party. With a name like Whitney Ann Jenkins this reviewer was imagining glossy country talking about run down cars and poor girl problems. Well that’s not really true. First off the music isn’t country, it’s acoustic pop/folk backed by a seasoned outfit (the platonic guy friends). A short background check on Whitney reveals that she is a world traveler, actress and all around hard worker.

Whitney Ann Jenkins

When I was doing some research on her I found not one but two websites! One for her acting career and then one for her debut album Downstage Left. Whitney’s powerful vocals are mixed properly throughout the album and are complimented with a simplistic production style that can be on the loose side at times but just enough to add character and not be bothersome. Songs like “Break My Heart” reveal where some of Whitney’s inspiration comes from:

Break my heart So I can write a song This happiness can’t last too long I need some pain to rhapsodize a melody sprung from your hurtful lies

Not sure if she is writing from experience or making a reference to how an artist needs pain to write…but great concept! Other lyrics such as in “Let Me Feel” points to trouble being able to feel emotion. Sounds like maybe this writer needs some drama to write! AND THAT IS OK, she’s an actress for crying out loud! Plus, how else can listeners release their emotions through an artist’s songs properly without the artist going through the same issues the listener is going through? Whitney experienced something like this at an early age while watching the movie “My Girl.”

In an interview she explains being mesmerized by the film and wanting to understand that pain so she began acting out the scenes. Well this “practice” has not only led her to create heartfelt lyrics, but has also landed her a number of acting jobs including a spot on the hit show “Scrubs.” Highlights for me on this album are Naked Lady, Twist In My Plot, Steada Then and Breathless. Overall this album is put together very well and a very strong first effort for Whitney. For now Whitney has landed in Pennsylvania to pursue her music career.

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