Why Bad Mary Should Be Playing In Your iPod Right Now

Bad Mary

In an age where music is barely music anymore it’s awesome to have a group like “Bad Mary” come across my desk for review. The recording feels extremely live and raw. No voice overs, no overbearing bgvs, just straight up punk riffs topped with the sweet sound of a female punk vocal i.e. Blondie and No Doubt. Having grown up listening to bands in this genre I was automatically intrigued by Bad Mary.

The first tune “Losing Control” grabs your attention with the short intro where the band hits together a couple of times and then jumps straight into the song. I love arrangements that don’t take too long to get to the meat of the tune. That doesn’t happen with this album! Every song is arranged perfectly to fit into the 3-4 minute range. No waiting around to get to the riff. Most of my favorite punk albums have like 15 tracks and they’re all 2-3 minutes, but this works for me too!

Hailing from Long Island, NY, I swore when I first heard them they had to be from southern California. Maybe I’m deaf and dumb lol…either way I hear a surfer-esque quality to the vocals of Amanda Mac. Not entirely, but maybe it was just in the first tune. Overall the vocals are a perfect blend of chick and punk. Another resemblance I hear in the vocals is current indie star Kimbra.

“Hangover” is a cool quirky tune that’s easy to listen to. I really the intro to “Better Days” as it sounds like it’s going to take off into another pop punk groove, which it does eventually, but they make you wait just a little longer. It adds variety to the album in my opinion and the tune is extremely catchy as well as the the bass line adds the old school sound in the bridges.

One song that sticks out me is “I Wanna Guy”. Sounds familiar to me, but it could be just because of the 6/8 meter and chord structure of the tune. A nice change up towards the middle keeps it interesting. Something I enjoy with the entire project is how it’s not really produced, at all. The vocals are perfectly raw and even have a twinge of distortion which makes them sound extra punk.

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In their bio it states, “In 2010, an actress, a professor, a voice-over artist and a comic-book nerd formed the band Bad Mary, drawing influence from the likes of Blondie and The Ramones, No Doubt and Green Day, to create their own strain of music…” Sounds like a fun bunch of people to me! Their influences are all in my music catalog. What do you think they sound like?

When listening to the music of Bad Mary not only does fun seem to flow from their veins but also punk angst and creativity. I would love to travel downstate sometime to the big city and try to catch a show. Their videos on YouTube portray them as high energy and fun to watch.

Overall Bad Mary is a top notch act that knows what they are doing and what they are trying to accomplish. It’s obvious in the way they present themselves in both their music and their videos. One of their lines is “Doc Martens and fishnets, ninjas and zombies, crunchy guitar and funky drums, what more could you want?” I say SOLD!! Make sure to check out more from Bad Mary below. Add them to your Spotify, iTunes and anywhere else you listen to music. Support Indie.



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