Why Indie Musicians Should Stop Complaining About Spotify

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Musicians are lazy. There I said it and I can never take it back. If I offended you I sincerely apologize but this fact is true. I can say this honestly though because I am certainly not guilt free of this! Drugs and alcohol aside, the majority of indie musicians simply don’t have the drive to make their music a success. Some think they deserve success because of their talent…I could go on and on. My point is in most cases long term fans that truly love your music and you as an indie musician don’t come easy and don’t hang around if that fan to indie musician relationship is not nurtured.

I have done my share of “grunt work” over the years to be considered a seasoned indie musician. The question I ask most indie musicians that are complaining about Spotify is “How has it hurt your career?” Most of the time they come up with some excuses about how it doesn’t pay anything and it’s screwing them out of money. The whole time I’m thinking in my head…“How much were they making online with your music BEFORE Spotify?”

Here is the way I see it. I would prefer someone stream my music a million times rather than buy a cd and listen to that a million times. For most musicians the fear of not recouping their money right away is a very scary thing. I personally didn’t make CD’s of my debut release because I simply don’t have the budget and yea, it’s scary to put in a lot of money and not see a return right away. Trust me, I know…if you could only see the boxes of leftover cd’s from previous bands and projects in my attic. I decided a long time ago that I’m not making CD’s anymore.

Indie musicians should embrace services like Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp, Soundcloud…etc. Before the digital age, even the hardest working indie band in America would never be heard by countless fans in other countries without the help of a record label.

With the digital music services that are available these days the music industry has literally been flipped upside down. It’s time for the indie musicians to take control of their own destinies. There are enough people in this world who enjoy music that there is a special audience for every artist out there. The problem has always been the fan and the musician finding each other. These digital services make it easier.

The music industry is ours and the powers that be are not happy!!   In closing…indie musicians: Get to work! “Fame and fortune” or whatever you’re goal is with your music will not come easy! Work for it. Make it your life. Real success is just a stream away.



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