Xavier Toscano – Feels So Good

Xavier Toscano - Feels So Good

The music of Xavier Toscano cannot be described in just a few words. The first word that comes to mind when I think of Xavier and his music is “polished.” Xavier is in essence the perfect blend of image and music. The first thing that slapped me in the face with Xavier’s music is that the overall production is excellent! I can tell that Xavier and his team truly put a ton of effort into making sure the product is polished and accessible to a mass audience. Xavier’s music is influenced by Top 40 radio and video.

It can best be described as enthusiastic, energetic, dance and urban pop. When looking at his pictures on his website I get a strange Culture Club vibe…it’s probably just all the colors, and the hat! I don’t claim to be any sort of fashion guru but when I look at Xavier I see a guy that has his image together! I had a chance to check out some of his videos on his website and they are a true testament to what music and video should be when put together.

Xavier Toscano – Urban Pop

The album Feels So Good starts out with the single “Never Wanna Leave.” The video he made is put together very well and showcases lots of COLOR!!! I enjoyed the video so much I had to watch it a few times. Music videos just aren’t what they used to be these days so it’s awesome to see a good one now and again! Xavier’s video satisfies that appetite!

“The Remedy (feel alright)” has some cool production and I like the dance vibe that permeates this entire album. I am convinced that Xavier Toscano is the complete pop package! I love it when an artist has that special touch that makes fans and listeners come back for more and more. I know I will. On the song “Apologies Wasted” there is a breakdown groove in the middle section that is particularly groovy! I found myself bobbing my head uncontrollably during that part by the way. The production on all the songs on this album are exceptional! I’m a “producer” type myself and the first thing I always listen for is sonic quality. This is one more thing this album includes! Music has to sound good, no worries with this on “Feels So Good!”

After a few listens to Xavier’s album the songs started to stick in my head like any good pop songs would. “Castles In The Sky” is no exception. The placement of this song in the album is perfect as it is the perfect time for a break from the dance tunes. Plus it gives Xavier a chance to feature his voice even further with some stripped down production. Influences I hear are Prince, Owl City, Lenny Kravitz, Seal and that’s just from my limited experience as one person listening to music, remember I hate to put labels on artist’s music, but for review purposes it helps! The atmosphere produced by the production and songwriting on the song “Nas-T-Nize” is awesome! This tune is where the Prince influence comes full force and in your face…simple groove with some crazy tight r&b flavored vocals…killer! “Watch Out It’s On” brings out the EDM party style anthem.

Almost every song on this album is tight and ready for the party scene. The song “Unstoppable Fever” is a song I really want to like. Unfortunately this is the one sour point of the album for me. I enjoy the overall groove of the tune with the bass, the horns and the guitar in the middle section, very funky. However, some of the vocals don’t sound like they are in key to me…maybe I am missing the intended effect.

Overall I highly recommend Xavier Toscano’s album “Feels So Good” and I enjoyed reviewing it!! In fact, I think I’ll listen again! Do you know what the best part of Xavier’s album is?!?! He’s giving it away free on his website! Click on the album cover below next to the player to visit his website to download NOW! Comment on this post and let us know what you think of Xavier Toscano!


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