ZuluGod – Featured Artist

ZuluGod - Featured ArtistBased in Houston, TX, but originally from Nigeria, ZuluGod is making waves for himself in a foreign country. He emigrated from Nigeria around 7 years ago when he was 16. We first noticed ZuluGod after playing his song “Purple Dank” on one of our recent shows. He claims he wasn’t high but only on the music when making the song…

Moving on, ZuluGod seems like a down to earth and humble individual. He has a passion and deep love for his home country of Nigeria. “Fuck Da System” is the song we decided to feature on this show and ZuluGod gives an in-depth look at him and his music in the highly acclaimed Deeper With Dave segment.

ZuluGod says he didn’t have much to do with the production of the track “Fuck Da System”, but he gave mixing input and did all the lyrics and vocals. When Dave asked ZuluGod in the Deeper With Dave Segment, “What is the system?” he explains that it’s not necessarily about the Illuminati. He said it’s more about “the one percenters and the people behind the behind of the government.” He’s says it’s not even necessarily about society per se, but about the people that form the society behind the walls.

ZuluGod goes even deeper himself explaining that we are all equal regardless of our color, creed, country etc. He says it goes much deeper than that, but that is the idea. He says he developed his interests and his music around the age of 16 referring to Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle as a huge influence. Other influences included Wu-Tang, A Tribe Called Quest, LL Cool J, Dre, etc…but he’s also heavily influenced by European artists such as Sade.

If you like the multicultural influenced Rap and Hip Hop, then ZuluGod is worth the time to check out. Indie Musc Plus gives our full recommendation! As always thank you for reading and supporting indie music!

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