ZuLuGod – Single Review


Fuck Da System!!! Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. That’s just the type of outburst this ZuluGod song will have you making after hearing it. I have listened to the song 10 times and not just because I had a review to write, I genuinely like the song.

The track begins with a Hip-Hop Willy Wonka-ish vibe, provided by the melodic tones of the synthesized piano slowly building up to what feels like something EPIC! As the high hats kick in, we hear our Master of Ceremonies ZuluGod for the first time. After a brief introduction, he wastes no time beginning his first verse in which he paints himself as a rebel of sorts. Lines like, “Fuck do you mean? I don’t conform” pretty much lets you know where Zulu is coming from and what he is all about. Knowing that he is originally from Nigeria (as if his accent wasn’t a dead giveaway) and currently resides in Houston, TX, helps to better understand his sound. The Dirty South influence is definitely present in the beat selection, but elements of Rock & Roll and Techno are also present in the production.

ZuLuGod – Master of Ceremonies

The “Fuck The System” song’s content and rebel style delivery is clearly the result of being originally from Nigeria and experiencing life here in America. The song’s overall message seems to be, “the power is in the hands of the people, not the system”. This is the type of Hip-Hop I enjoy hearing because it’s so relevant to what’s going on in the world today. And Zulu rides the beat like a pro. He delivers his message with both heart-felt lyrics and a voice that draws in all who dare listen. For some, his accent may make it hard to decipher certain words but for me bars like, “Running from ignorance, why do you stay. Running from poverty, making my pay!!” express a sense of social awareness while still expressing a desire for personal gain.

ZuluGod’s second verse is just as consistent as the first. He makes it known that he has no intention of selling his soul to the “Illuminati” or any other evil entity that may be seeking to acquire it. And though his strong delivery and message keep the momentum building, along with his simple yet catchy hook “Power… Fuck da system I got the power”, it’s the third verse that kinda steals the show. Jody The Libra comes in with an incredible Migos-like delivery that he manages to pack full of clever and lyrical bars. At some point in his verse, he himself acknowledges his own Migos-like flow. He also gives credit to the “Originator” of the style…Rapping like Migos, no dissin’ Lord Infamous/ That’s who invented it, Migos just rented it”. And he still manages to give off the same rebellious vibe as ZuluGod with lines like, “I will die for the truth/ live from the other side where they’re hiding the truth”. The presence of Auto-Tune at times enhanced the verse, but towards the end what was once melodic became slightly distorted.

Overall it was a great song and I for one will be adding it to my playlist and recommend that you do the same. If I had any advice, it would be to tone down the Auto-Tune a bit on the third verse towards the end. Other than that, the vocals were a tad airy but that might have added to the charm of the song. I’m Definitely a fan.

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